1.1.  The Leadership Programme is an environment of the University of Tartu located at https://liider.ut.ee/.

1.2. The Leadership Programme aims to support students in their development.

1.3. The University of Tartu manages the Leadership Programme to offer its students an opportunity to display and analyse their extracurricular activities.

1.4. Only students of the University of Tartu can join the Leadership Programme by signing in with their UT user account.

1.5. The users of the Leadership Programme are students and staff of the University of Tartu.


2.1. Users of the Leadership Programme can add extracurricular activities and evidence to the table of activities, and analyse them in terms of their development.

2.2. Joining the Leadership Programme is voluntary.


3.1. The user has the right to request to be removed from the programme at any time by sending an email to liider@ut.ee.

3.2. The user has the right to receive information about the programme and its activities.

3.3. If the user has gathered 1,000 points in the Leadership Programme by the end of their bachelor’s, master’s or professional higher education studies, the user has the right to receive a continuing education certificate from the University of Tartu.

3.4. By joining the Leadership Programme, the student also takes responsibility for implementing it.

3.5. The user is obliged to act responsibly concerning the information and evidence provided.

3.6. If the student has not added activities and evidence to their account during one year, the student will be removed from the list of users of the Leadership Programme.

3.7. Any activities that could damage the functioning of the programme or are contrary to the law are prohibited in the Leadership Programme. If a prohibited activity is detected, the University of Tartu has the right to restrict the user’s access or delete the personal data the user has added.

3.8. Examples of prohibited activities include, but are not limited to, overloading the Leadership Programme with queries, adding unsafe or illegal content to the system, copyright violations, or any other objectionable conduct or contribution to such conduct.


4.1. The university has the right to use the Leadership Programme for the purpose of teaching and studies, research and administrative work at the university.

4.2. The university has the right to display the activities and experiences recorded in the Leadership Programme. The student’s consent is sought if the university wants to display the activity together with the learning experience and analysis.

4.3. Only a secure connection (HTTPS) is used for the Leadership Programme.

4.4. The Leadership Programme is hosted in servers administered by the university and located in the territory of Estonia.

4.5. The university is not responsible for the content the users have submitted to the Leadership Programme, but reserves the right to reject content that does not meet the objectives of the Leadership Programme.

4.6. Coordinators of the Leadership Programme assess the activities submitted by students.


5.1. The University of Tartu, as the data controller, processes personal data only to provide a service to users and enable learning activities in accordance with the data protection policy of the Leadership Programme.

5.2. To ensure better and more efficient functioning of the Leadership Programme and improve the analytics and user experience, the Leadership Programme uses Google Analytics cookies, which collect data on users’ sessions and activities. The user has the right to refuse Google Analytics cookies. Google Analytics data are stored for three years. In addition, cookies for storing language settings are used in the Leadership Programme.