Activity Explanation Points
Advertising/promoting in event (2-8 h) Events without preparations (fairs) 25
Advertising/promoting online (1-5 h) Writings in blog, social media, faculty Facebook 45
Advertising/promoting online (6-15 h) Co-editing/coordinating facebook/blogs, etc. associated with university 75
Contribution to organization (51+ h) Contribution to organization, where you are not involved work related ( for example writing an analysis, etc.) 150
Membership at least 1 year Professional association/student organizations, commissions, councils, where you have belonged at least a year. For example: Member of Economics Club, Marketing Club, Programme Council or faculty council 50
Membership in management Management membership. For example: UT Economics or Marketing Club management 100
Organizing an event (10-20 h) Faculty or university event organizing 50
Organizing an event, a campaign, or creating a student organization Leading, for example: set up student organization mothers @UT, charity run in Tartu, Teeme ära, etc. 75
Other activities Activities that are not listed 50
Participating in additional internship Internship outside your curricula (optional internship) 70
Participating in charity event Runs, donation campaigns 25
Participating in e-course E-courses that end with diploma? For example: I participated in MOOC/Coursera/Udemy e-course 40
Participating in event's weekend programme (15-35 h) Weekend programmes, for example Hachathon events: Garage 48 45
Participating in event/training/course (5-7 h) Events, trainings, courses, infoseminars, meetings, forums, workshops, conferences, etc. First Aid training, sTARTUp Day. 25
Participating in event/training/course (8-20 h) One day Hackathons/events of sTARTUp Lab 30
Participating in marketing acitivites/projects (16-25 h) Participating in university marketing activities/projects in Estonia and/or in foreign country 75
Participating in research/questionnaire/charity (1 h) Research/questionnaire or contribution to univeristy or to society in general? For example: Being blood donor 5
Participating in short event/training/course (1-4 h) Short events, trainings, courses, infoseminars, meetings, forums, workshops, conferences, etc. For example: seminars of Counselling Centre, events related to startups or entrepreneurship 20
Participating in some entrepreneurship idea development (35+ h) Accelerators/incubators, etc, STARTER programme 150
Participating in training/course (21-34 h) Events, trainings, courses, infoseminars, meetings, forums, workshops, conferences, etc. For example balancing courses: Science school, continuing learning, Summer school 50
Participating training/development programme (35+ h) Longterm programmes: tutor training/DD Academy/external semester/sTARTUp Lab 100
Performing in event (4-8 h) Events with presentation and preparation (conferences/forums/debates) 50
Performing in short event (1-4 h) Short performance at info seminars/lectures/Open Door Day/Career Day/Fairs (university/curricula promotion, visiting high schools, etc.) 20
Working (16-35 h) Working as a volunteer at university, for example: academic mentoring/giving learning assistance/study assistant 75
Working (35+ h) Working long-term, for example student ambassador, paid work 100